Seven queries regarding the final reserve day of the IPL 2023

Seven queries regarding the final reserve day of the IPL 2023

Perpetual downpours in Ahmedabad on Sunday (May 28) implied the IPL 2023 last between Chennai Super Lords and Gujarat Titans was driven into the hold day, a first for the 16-season-old competition. With a slight gauge for downpour again on Monday night, here's all you want to realize about the playing conditions that will be in force.

1. When is the booked beginning season of the last on the hold day?

The last will again have a planned beginning season of 19:30 IST with the throw scheduled to happen thirty minutes before at 19:00 IST in the event that conditions consider something similar. It will be a full 20-overs-a-side contest if it begins at these times.

2. On the reserve day, how much time is left to try to get a result?

As such an IPL game has a sum of 3 hours and 20 minutes of time accessible (counting span and breaks). On the reserve day, players will have access to an additional two hours of play.

3. When can the game begin without any reduced overs at the earliest?

Without reducing the number of overs, the match can begin at 21:40 IST. Time-outs will still be used. After that, the number of overs will start to decrease, decreasing so that each team has at least five chances to bat.

4. What's the most recent beginning time for a five-overs game?

A five-overs-per-side match can begin at 23:56 IST (10 minutes, no timeouts), and it is scheduled to end at 00:50.

In the event that the game beginnings on time and the main innings of 20 overs is finished yet following five overs of the subsequent innings, downpour forestalls any further play then the outcome will be chosen under the Duckworth/Lewis/Harsh technique.

5. What if, by the end of extra time, it is impossible to play even a five-over side game?

On the off chance that conditions grant, the groups will play a Really Over to decide the victor.

6. Additionally, what is the latest time a Super Over-only contest can begin?

The pitch and ground should be prepared for play with the goal that the Really Over can begin at the most recent by 00:50 IST.

7. Imagine a scenario where playing a one-over shootout isn't even imaginable.

If it isn't even imaginable to play and finish the Over without interference, the group that completed higher in the association stages - - Gujarat Titans for this situation - - will be delegated champions.

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